Dear Visitor,

This site isn't officially live yet. However, I have released a beta version of Tom Thumb for friends to give it a try.

Tom Thumb is a chess program written in the Scala programming language.

Installing Tom Thumb on Ubuntu 18.04

(last update 2019-09-11)

UCI Engine

To run Tom Thumb as UCI engine execute the following within a terminal: 'tomthumb uci' (without the quotation marks)

Example commands when in engine mode ('d' and 'perft' are actually not UCI but where added for testing purposes):


Although you really can play chess against Tom Thumb and it ships with a working database, the program is by no means finished and still has bugs and some major features are missing.

Tom Thumb has been tested on OS X 10.x, Windows 10 Home en Ubuntu 16.04 met Java 1.8.0_121-b13.

have fun!
Tom Kalmijn

PS care for a puzzle? select the right version given an alpha beta treestructuur.

Circles are 'maximizers' and always choose the highest value, squares are 'minimizers' and choose the lowest value (they counter the decisions made by circles).